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Our History and Philosophy
Six Key Principles
Echo Ridge Partners adheres to the following principles:

Our Value Proposition Stresses the Value, not the Proposition.
Echo Ridge Partners considers most policy management software overpriced and unaffordable for small to mid-size
insurance companies. We believe that every company should have access to robust, contemporary, fully functional software
at an affordable price.

Technology Should Be New, Not Just New To You
Our system is new: new functionality using the latest Microsoft development software, the best database configuration,
and a design that puts integration at the forefront of making all the pieces run well, together.

The Conversion Experience Should Not Be the Never-Ending Tale
With a combined fifty years in software development and implementation and the creation of seven policy
and claim management systems between us, we know the business, and we’ve seen the disasters.
So we not only make the implementation of iCatalyst pain-free, we help others mitigate their implementation pain.

Customized Functionality without the Typical Cost of Customization
We haven’t just created software with a lot of functionality; we’ve created a toolkit that allows us to quickly and easily
build functionality that meets your requirements. Software that just does what you expect is just ordinary;
it’s software that can handle the rare one-off’s that is extraordinary.

On Time, On Budget
Our toolkit approach is the ‘speed to market’ in the software, but it’s AGILE SCRUM that keeps it on time and on budget.
Agreed upon functionality put into simple stories and compressed into thirty day increments. At the end of the thirty days,
usable functionality that you have participated in and have watched being built. And in three to seven months: your system.

Distressed Project Rescue
When it is clear that a software development project is in trouble, addressing the troubled area immediately is the only option.
How it is addressed is the key. We specialize in project “rescue”. We can analyize and pinpoint as only an “outsider” schooled
in failure pattern recognition can. In most cases it costs less to have a failure pattern analysis done that it would to have
the failure continue for another week. Address the problems early and succinctly.
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