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Echo Ridge Partners was formed in 2009 as a collaboration between a highly successful software entrepreneur
and a highly regarded executive from the insurance industry. Having worked together building insurance policy
and claims management software on two separate occasions, with those efforts resulting in systems that had better,
more intuitive functionality at a far more attractive cost than software generally available in the market for the
respective purchasing companies, Echo Ridge Partners became a natural extension of their mutual respect
and vision. iCatalyst is the result of that collaboration, merging the very best concepts from their experience
with cutting edge database and development tools and methodologies.

Echo Ridge Partners was not created because there is a void for software companies focused on policy and claims
management for insurance companies. It was generated out of a longstanding frustration by our President. In his thirty years
as a CEO of smaller insurance companies, he oversaw six efforts to purchase software for their unique markets and products,
and each time the functionality never really addressed the nuances of the business, and the cost made the decision
financially risky. Each time, the decision was made to develop the software in-house. For any company to make a purchase
with such significant costs that the board, exercising their fiduciary duty, feels compelled to intrude into normal,
management operational responsibilities, it is clear that there is extraordinary risk. The pressure on management to perform
under that microscope is heightened, to say the least. Our goal is to lower the decibel level: reasonable, affordable, straight-
forward proven development and implementation methodologies; monthly measurements that translate into progress known
and understood – pricing; even by an interested board; and satisfied staff.

Echo Ridge is not a huge corporation; we do not aspire to be a huge corporation. We’re here because we enjoy working together:
the creative process is fun, and the energy of the results is a catalyst for our success. That we’re presenting a product
that sells itself is simply a result of our work. We don’t want to get so large that we don’t know each employee personally.
More importantly, we, the principals involved in Echo Ridge Partners, want to invest in you, our potential client. You will not get
a sales guy three levels removed from the president; you’ll get a partner. Because as much as you feel that this purchase is an
enormous investment, we feel that this is an enormous investment in you and your company. We’d like to be involved, personally.
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